Granite Ice Cubes - Unique Gift Ideas for Men - Unusual & Fun Birthday Present for Him

Granite Ice

Freezable granite cubes for cool drinks

cools mixed drinks cools mixed drinks cools mixed drinks cools mixed drinks

"The natural partner for any drink"

What is Granite ice?

Granite Ice are freezable granite cubes which replace natural ice for 'cool' drinks. You simply slip the purpose-crafted wooden tray containing the 10 smooth-edged granite cubes into your freezer ... and 20 minutes later you have ice cold "ice" for your drink.

What makes Granite Ice such a unique and practical gift?

It's the gift you give when you don't know what to give. The perfect quality gift for dad, brother, uncle or grandpa ... and even for the dinner party hostess who doesn't want yet another box of chocolates or another bunch of flowers!


10 solid granite cubes which are off-white in color with grey flecks. Each cube is approximately 2cm (3/4") x 2.5cm (1").

The 10 cubes are in an attractive crafted soft-wood tray with a transparent sliding lid. The tray is 23cm (9") x 4cm (1.6") x 4 cm (1.6").

The product is beautifully packaged in full-color on quality gloss board stock and features a 'window' allowing you to view four granite cubes.

Is it safe?

Yes! It is much safer than natural ice due to its weight and the basic physics of a drinks's liquid contents which sees Granite Ice remaining at the bottom of the glass at all times (natural ice floats which means it can obstruct the mouth while drinking). Granite Ice will not move unless the glass is empty and is tipped well beyond horizontal. In the unlikely event that this occurs, one's lips (not teeth!) surround the rim of the glass and cubes will not cause injury due to their small size, light weight and rounded edges.

History of Granite Ice

In Sweden for hundreds of years the locals have been cutting small cubes out of soap-stone and using them for precisely the same reason as our Granite Ice - to cool their favorite drinks without diluting them. We consider granite a far superior stone because it is completely inert.